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Our selection of must-see football documentaries and films

Our selection of must-see football documentaries and films

Containment is hard 😟
Containment without football matches on TV is at the limit bearable

For the good of all, we thought it was time to submit our selection of documentaries and films dedicated to football, to see absolutely during confinement. The perfect time to discover or rediscover quality documentaries on the world of football.
Because football is not just 90 minutes. It's also everything that happens around and that's why we love football.

Sunderland - against all odds: for fans of kick & rush and the smell of fish and chips

Big heart for this series of 8 episodes immersed in the heart of the "Black Cats" of Sunderland.

It must be said that the team lives up to its nickname rather well (or badly because for the British, black cats bring good luck) because through through this mini series, you will accompany a whole people in the worst pains of relegation.

It is this tragedy that makes the beauty of the documentary: we know full well that the team will be relegated at the end of the season but we still hope episode after episode that they will manage to win doom by escaping relegation.

Throughout the documentary, you will fall in love with these typical supporters from the North of England: passionate, funny and sharing their passion as a family.

You'll also fall under the spell of trainer Chris Coleman, a good, loyal guy who will try as best he can to turn things around. Players too: the documentary puts a lot of emphasis on psychology through many intimate testimonies. In this regard, you will even witness a sequence between a psychologist and Williams, a talented player but too often injured in his career and in total depression. And for Bordeaux supporters, you will experience Josh Maja's first steps as a pro, thrown into the deep end despite his young age.

Series to be found on Netflix. Season 2 has also just been released and it promises to be as dramatic as the first, given that the club has not been able to go back to the Championship.

"Mistake - the biggest refereeing mistakes in football history: getting into the psychology of refereeing

This episode of the show Transversales, hosted by Daniel Riolo and broadcast on RMC Sport, focuses on referees and their mistakes that will have changed the course of history. The documentary gives voice to five referees whose decisions have caused much debate and even scandal.

Everyone will have their own opinion on the integrity of these referees who honestly, in the majority of cases, made mistakes without bad intentions, quite simply because to err is human.

As far as we are concerned, and of course this is our sole responsibility, we will nevertheless set aside Ecuadorian referee
Byron Moreno who refereed the confusing round of 16 South Korea- Italy from the 2002 World Cup. He seems to us clearly suspect. He will also end up in prison for a history of drug trafficking.

This episode of the program Transversales can be found in replay on RMC Sport

It's okay to love football: for all football lovers

How do intellectuals view the world of sport in general and a football match in particular? Presenter of the Canal Football Club for many years, Hervé Mathoux went to meet sociologists, anthropologists, writers and political scientists to find out what these games of modern times represent for them

A look poetic on the world of football, illustrated by the testimonies of many speakers from the four corners of the globe.

It's beautiful, pretty, moving. In short, it's good! To be found in replay on MyCanal

Eyes in the Blue: a classic to see and see again.

It is clearly THE reference for documentaries, THE reference for an entire generation. THE benchmark for an entire country. A documentary that gives you chills and also makes you nostalgic for that time. A real documentary closer to the players. Mythical phrases: Robert, beef up your game. Mythical scenes: Marcel Desailly and Lilian Thuram advising Frank Leboeuf to counter El Fenomeno Ronaldo. And also collector's images: Zidane with almost all his hair, Didier Deschamps with almost all his real teeth and Thierry Henry without a ball!

Find it on Youtube here:

You can also see Les Yeux dans les Bleus 2 here:

Didier: the film for football and dog lovers

Good because you also have to have fun during the confinement. This quirky comedy starring Alain Chabat in the lead role results in some absolutely hilarious scenes you won't soon forget. To consume without moderation.

See the cult moments:

At Clairefontaine: for the 80/90 generation

It's the documentary of the 87 generation. The one that marked the start of the career of Hatem Ben Arfa, only 12 years old at the time of filming, but who already had the same banter that we know him today. We will also cross paths with Abou Diaby, the future ex-nugget of French football who, worn down by injuries, will not have the career he claimed.

We will remember the kids' confusion between Hatem and Abou and the meeting between the young players of the INF and the world champions, including Zinedine Zidane, who remain the best moments of this documentary.

Find it on Youtube:

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  • Pour ma part, j’aime bien regarder les films basés sur le monde du ballon rond ! Cependant, je regarde rarement les documentaires, sauf s’il s’agit d’un joueur de football que j’admire beaucoup. Tout récemment, j’ai vu une vidéo sur Kylian Mbappé ! En effet, c’est un joueur que j’admire énormément en ce moment. Je trouve que pour son âge, il se débrouille vraiment bien !

    Sylvie Anseline on

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