Sunday footballer, the locker room for footballers and footballers, with or without cleats.

Sunday footballer is the locker room for Sunday footballers, with or without cleats.

All our products are designed and manufactured in France, from the fabric to the package delivered to you. The cotton used for our collections is 100% organic, for ethical and healthy production.

Our commitment: to offer quality football clothing with textile manufacturing in France. From knitting to making, from drawing the product to the box that envelops it, from the photo shoot locations to the labels, all the manufacturing stages of Le Footballeur du Dimanche are 100% French.

Basically, what is a Sunday footballer?

World champion on Sunday July 12, 98 and July 15, 2018, tackler at Urban even if it's forbidden, looking for the beautiful girl behind Hervé Mathoux at CFC, six-time winner of the LDC on Football manager , at the stadium on Saturday, friend of animals and especially of Dédé's cat, plugged into After on Sunday evening. In short, the list is long but you will understand, the Sunday footballer is you, it's her, it's him, it's us.

That you're super equipped but bad with the ball, better at juggling than your boyfriend, retained in the team because the organizer's cousin, came within two fingers (or even three fingers) of becoming a professional , a former good striker converted libero, the best friend of Kylian's friend's cousin, or just passionate about football, then you are part of the Football Club du Dimanche family.

To go further, we recommend this excellent article from the So Foot newspaper that we no longer present, which details the concept of Sunday Footballer in detail: -a-sunday-footballer-when-e2-80-a6-162060.html

And for the intrepid, there's even a dedicated song, written and sung by the group Les négresses vertes:

Our commitment.


Well in our time, in our time, we defend a simple idea: in our lives, every day, we were looking for meaning, for meaning. A reason to come to work every morning with a smile. At the Slip, we found her. By becoming actors in a world that we want to change (just that) at no slip.


The choice we made 7 years ago: to decide that we were going to live a responsible and committed adventure.

We believe that a company can no longer be a simple economic player: it must carry meaning, values ​​and aim to fulfill its mission while focusing on the well-being of each of its members as well as the ecosystem and the environment that surrounds it.
Since then, we have been striving to do things well, with common sense and transparency. While respecting all those we meet on our way. And then, we dare to ask ourselves the annoying questions: why, how... so that from one end to the other, our action has a positive impact, both societal and environmental.


All of our products are entirely made (just about everywhere) in France. From the knitting of the material to the packaging, including the elastic and the labels, all the supplies and all the manufacturing stages are carried out on the territory. In addition to the 100 jobs we have created in 7 years directly at head office and in our stores, we employ more than 200 full-time equivalent people in the 45 workshops that manufacture our products throughout the year.


The reality of the French textile industrial fabric is a fragile, aging landscape and very hard hit by the relocations of the last 25 years All the players, often the second family generation, face a serious problem of transmission of industrial tools as well as their expertise. They must organize themselves to ensure the sustainability of their businesses and to attract new talent, whom they often have to train entirely in contact with the oldest.
By ensuring visibility and strong growth in their portfolio order, we encourage them to engage in long-term visions, to invest in training resources, in equipment and to reconnect with ambitious economic prospects for the future which often energize the entire regional fabric.


At Le Slip Français, even if we are not superheroes, we have the ambition to change the world. The mission we have accepted (and chosen): (re)invent fashion and the textile industry in France. However, manufacturing in France has a cost, and that requires innovation if we want it to be sustainable. This is why we are working in this direction with the R3iLab via the NeXT program dedicated to new manufacturing processes. Supported by the State, this program aims to build the industry of the future (just that) and to invent new innovative processes!


These strong commitments are above all supported by an enthusiastic, committed and dynamic team that defines itself as a family and is committed to implementing full corporate social responsibility.
We have been winners of the PM'Up scheme in the Ile de France region since 2014, have received the Lucie label, the reference label in Corporate Social Responsibility. Finally, for the second time in a row, we obtained the Happy at Work label (4.38/5 in 2018) which assesses the fulfillment of employees in their company.


Without you, this adventure would not have been possible. Without your trust, changing the world at a slippery pace would have remained just a dream. And you believed in it, with us, and we continue to believe it today because every brief, boxer, t-shirt, hat, sock -and the list goes on and on - manufactured continues to prove us right.This is why we would like to thank you for having elected us the first trusted company in the e-CSR barometer, which brings together more than 133 French companies.
Do you want to continue changing the world with us? Keep changing Briefs!