Sunday footballer - size guide

You have found a design that you like, you appreciate the 100% cotton, the product made in France and there, big panic, you don't know which size to choose. You are rather size M in one, size L in the other. No worries, we're here to help!

First of all, know that, if you have the slightest doubt, we are available 24 hours a day by email at, so do not hesitate to send us your doubts and questions, we will answer them with a smile and as soon as possible!

Here is a size chart that will allow you to find out more about the dimensions of our T-shirts (you will find it at the bottom of each product description). You don't usually measure your "shoulder-waist" axis? There is a beginning to everything.

Our advice: our T-Shirts fit "standard". If you swear by M whatever the brand, then don't hesitate to have it. If, on the other hand, you oscillate between 2 sizes according to the brands, then we will recommend the size below and it will fit you perfectly.

Important info: All our T-shirts are exchangeable! So we will be happy to proceed with the return if it does not suit you.

> 100% Organic Men's Sweatshirt 🌿

A Height 73 75 77 78 79.5
B Width 54.5 57 60 62 64

> 100% Organic Men's Sweatshirt 🌿- 140grams

S M L XL Tolerance +/-
A Width 48 51 54 57 2.5%
B Height 69.5 71.5 73.5 75.5 2.5%

Crew neck sweatshirts & Hoodies

Our advice: Our sweatshirts are more fitted. If you oscillate between 2 sizes according to the brands, then we will advise you the size above so that you are comfortable.

Care instructions:

That's it, you loved it, you wore it for a week non-stop (really?!) but then comes the fateful moment of washing. You have two solutions:

1) Give it to someone who knows how to do it.
2) You're doing like a grown-up and we're here to help!

Basic rules for those in a hurry:

- It is important to turn the T-shirt well before inserting it in the machine
- Wash at 30°C max
- Do not tumble dry. No dryer. No dryer.
- Ironing is not useful

Turning the T-shirt inside out will allow it to keep its softness and the quality of its print. If omitted, the image will rub on other garments in the machine and may be slightly damaged.

Our advice: turn it over when you take it off and put it directly in the basket. Already it is more practical and it is, in addition, a good thing done.

Washing at low temperature is recommended to preserve all the qualities of cotton. Washing at too high a temperature unfortunately leads to the deterioration of the cotton fibers and results in a shrinkage of the T-shirt as well as a less pleasant texture.

Our advice: during the first wash, do not hesitate to favor a cold wash if you have the possibility, it will only be beneficial for the future

The dryer will damage the fibers and the print of the T-shirt. It is therefore only very rarely recommended (it even seems to be an idea to be banned, but you are your own judge).

A little extra, the low temperature washing + no dryer combo saves money and greenhouse gases. A significant advantage for your wallet and the planet.

Our advice: a nice plastic or wooden hanger to dry quietly, in the open air. Metal hangers tend to stiffen the shoulders.

By following these tips, we ensure a long life for your Football T-shirt so that you will always be happy to wear it in the future. And c that's all we wish for you!