Care and washing of our products

Care and washing of our products

Our models are designed to last a long time thanks to the materials used to make them. Our pieces are made from organic cotton and recycled polyester, which gives our products a soft feel and a much better fabric quality.

That said, it is essential to treat them well by respecting the golden rules of washing and maintenance. Rules to apply both to our products and to clothing. other brands in your wardrobe.

In football, the important thing is the 3 points but for washing, the important thing is the 4 points below:

1/ Remember to turn your garment inside out before putting it in your washing machine
Turn it inside out to maintain its softness and print quality. The simplest way is to turn it over when putting it in the dirty laundry basket.

2/ Wash your model at a maximum of 30°C (as indicated on the label of your product)
Washing at a low temperature preserves all the product qualities. The must of an organic cotton product is its very soft side, so you might as well keep this effect as long as possible. Washing at too high a temperature could damage the fibers of the cotton, shrink your product and damage the print.

Theduring the first wash, do not hesitate to trigger a cold wash, this is the best thing to do to maintain the quality of the product for the next washes

3/ Do not use a dryer, it may shrink.
The dryer will damage the cotton fibers and the print. So we really don't recommend it and not using it is good for the environment.

Our advice: put your model on a hanger and let it dry quietly in the open air.

4/ When ironing, avoid ironing over the print or embroidery.
Our advice: iron with reverse in terms of prints and embroidery

By following our advice, you will wear our models for life and become a Sunday Football Club legend forever!