Organic and ethical textiles

It was inconceivable to develop a new brand and new products from products produced under uncontrolled conditions. We have taken the gamble of ethical and responsible trade by partnering with the Stanley/Stella brand for almost the majority of our collections. To find out if the product is organic, we have added the mention "100% organic 🌿" on these products.

Below are the eco-responsible certifications of our supplier:

> Some information about our partner Stanley/Stella:

Since its launch in 2012, Stanley/Stella has relied on designs based on simplicity highlighting the very essence of the garment. This is why we wanted to partner with them. The driving force of Jean Chabert, its founder: breaking codes, changing the perception of the textile industry. Offer products that respect people, the environment and customers. More authentic, more responsible clothing that we are proud to wear and sell. Pieces that initiate change in the textile industry, made in a more humane, more ethical, more ecological way.

Their manufacturers are carefully selected for the quality of their know-how. show, of their production, their great respect for the working conditions of the workers. They only work with 7 factories, to keep a privileged relationship. Their 19 Dhaka-based employees work with them every day. They also publish an annual report, the latest version of which you can read here:
Regarding quality, each fabric is chosen with the greatest care and respects strict criteria. 100% of the cotton used is organic cotton. The polyester is mainly recycled polyester in the interests of a circular economy. Every Sunday Footballer product is durable, assembled and finished to perfection.

From the raw material to the package delivered to you without forgetting the printing and our designs, we do our best to offer eco-responsible actions throughout the production chain.

We are committed to being responsible for our environmental impact and through our entire value chain, from the raw material with exclusively organic cotton or recycled polyester most of the time.

By using organic cotton, we significantly reduce our water consumption and promote crop rotations and biodiversity.

GMOs are not used to make our products, our cotton is much softer to the touch. It's a great feeling to feel all the purity of textiles on your skin. The other types of fabrics used also help preserve nature and help promote the recycling of plastic waste.

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